Welcome to my BMW R1100GS pages. In november of 2003 I bought a R1100GS from 1997 with only 22.000km. When I got my license in 1998 I bought a BMW R100RS from 1977 which gave me lots of driving pleasure. I rode it almost every day to work and went on holiday with it. It brought me to france and italy and always without any troubles. Everything that must be done I did myself often with help from friends. Now I know every bit of the bike.
Than the moment came, in the summer of 2003, that I realised that there was lots to be done about the bike. It was time for a valve and cilinder revision and also the steering bearings needed to be replaced. Although I also own a Honda XR250R I realised that I needed a good bike to ride while the other bike would be taken apart. The honda is also an old bike with his own problems and needs attention also.
So I went looking around for another bike that suits my needs, was reliable without direct needs and fits in my shed. The R100RS did fit in the shed but only just fit. I liked the GS always very much but it's quite big. After measuring it I noticed that the engine would fit with 3 cm space and without the shields on the valve covers. The steering wheel was pretty large but could be manouvred through the door.
After that conclusion I went serious looking for a R1100GS and after a while I saw one at a dealer in the neighbourhood but it was too expensive. I had to make a decision by now but wasn't sure so I went to my local dealer one more time and he just got one in that I liked a lot. Marakesh red, from 1997 and only 22.000km on it. But the price was also a bit higher than I had in mind but I thought it was worth it so after I thought it over I bought the bike.

For the BMW R100RS and the Honda XR250R I did make a site with information I gathered and my own experiences so now I had the same idea. This site is the result but with a little difference. With the other two bikes I did everything myself (of course with help as I mentioned) but with this bike it was to modern and too much over my head. This bike goes to the dealer when there's a problem. So no more technical stories how to tear the bike apart but more a site with alround information about the bike itself plus info about modifications and tips.

Hope you like it, appreciate any response.